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Ya i know its been a year now since i have posted anything or written on my blog. There is quite a lot of work and quite a lot of experience to write as well, but unfortunately i can’t according to company rules. anyways will somehow try posting some work as soon as possible. For now i will post a logo bonbon cafe. actually this was not the logo approved. I’m posting this because after a long time i have worked on a logo that gave me some amount of joy. So have fun.


Addict Juicebars New Cup

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Hip Hop Nite Poster

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Romanov Red Passion Nights

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Bengaluru Habba – A dream come true

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Yet another dream come true for me. I remember during my college days when habba 1s began i happened to go to ambedkar bhavan for kunnakudi vaidyanathans show. I realised i did not have tickets. My friend vinila was with me. We travelled really far to watch the maestro perform. I always heard my teachers tell me “any sound u make through your mouth he can reproduce it on his violin”. i asked the volunteer if i can get in without ticket. He said im sorry but i cant. I was disappointed and vinila said u want to watch the show rite, i will take you in. I asked how. She said just stand next to me rest u dnt bother. It was 7(usually when habba starts) people started rushing in, vinila held my hand pulled me sneaked through every1 and we got into the auditorium, took a left and went straight to the corners. The volunteers were collecting passes from every1, i dint want to get embarassed getting caught for no passes. they saw us from far and gave a smile. Lucky enough to have watched the show without trouble. Finally Strings and Indian Ocean performing together. The year after that Rahul sharmas show… etc etc etc.

And after being a habba fan i end up working for habba, isn’t it a dream come true? with lot of memories behind and giving my 100% to an event that i always followed.

Enough of stories. So this is how it started. The idea was already cracked by the rediff team. Escape was the concept. Ideas emerged , escape to habba of course butr escape from where. instant answers i think it was escape from work, boredom and idiot box. the route approved, the concept and ideas approved. deadline? was deadly. Uday gave us deadly deadlines. !st the event calendar akshay and i do a brainstorming on how to arrange the complex excel sheets( all creative guys hate that). We said lets convert this into visual. Akshay said lets have a map, i said fine, uday joined in, he started giving ideas, ok. ok. ok. all fine akshay said u do the illustration i do the table. I said cooleshwaraya namaha. collected references from the net on the venues and illustrated them the way i knew to illustrate it. im not a good illustrator but i mange to manage it. finally it looked wow. ok will post it soon.

With the deadly deadlines hanging on the neck, Arun finished all the illustrations within no time, His prime inspiration from shilo (her works are really awesome, she has an identity. Check her works online please.):). Arun shankar with his super duper cool lines:), and Uday was a really good entertainer through out the project, it was really fun working under him :0 and yes lot of drinks:0 thanks ponnapa and no weekends as well:(. Well thanks to the entire studio team of rediff. Subhash, Christy, Sudheer, Arun, Jetto, Sarva and ofcourse deepa and rakesh. They stayed in office without sleep making artworks. Thanks a lot fellaws.

Yes now the print ads and outdoors. have a look at it.
Teasers 1st

Teaser 2nd

Teaser 3rd







More to come….


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Ah well this is a highly inspirational work from Sameer Kulavoor. Nothing more to say had fun trying out some new stle of illustration. Have fun.